• October 17, 2012
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Arthritis National Research Foundation –

Kristy McPherson’s life is a testament to overcoming obstacles and pain. Her story resonates with the 300,000 children across America suffering with juvenile arthritis. These kids spend their days in and out of hospitals and to and from doctor visits. They dream of being able to play, compete and just do what the other kids can do.

Kristy shows them that their dreams are possible. She has a rare form of juvenile arthritis, yet has played at the top level in professional women’s golf for six years.  The kids with juvenile arthritis Kristy meets are an inspiration to her as much as she is to them.  And, these young people are most definitely an inspiration to all of us who hear their stories.

As we close Arthritis Awareness Month for 2012, all of us at the Arthritis National Research Foundation would like to thank all of you for inspiring us. You are the reason we work so hard to find a cure; you inspire us everyday to tell the world that “kids get arthritis too” and how arthritis research may change your life.

View the longer version of Kristy’s story below. Join us today on CureArthritis.org.