• October 20, 2012
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Arthritis National Research Foundation –

May is Arthritis Awareness Month. LPGA Professional and ANRF Board Member, Kristy McPherson took time from her LPGA Tour schedule to film a juvenile arthritis awareness video. She focused on her story and the mission of the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

To show her support further, Kristy will join the “Go Blue for Arthritis” campaign by wearing blue during her tournaments in May. Kristy was diagnosed at age 11 with Stills Disease, a rare form of juvenile arthritis. Being involved in the cause and supporting arthritis research is near and dear to her.

“After six years on the LPGA Tour, I wanted to give back and make an impact on this disease, so I researched and found the Arthritis National Research Foundation,” says Kristy, “the Arthritis National Research Foundation is focused on research only and 91 cents of every dollar donated goes into the research.  When I was invited to join the Board of Directors, I knew I was home.”

Kristy’s story is an inspiration to many, especially the 300,000 children, in America alone, diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. After her diagnosis of Stills Disease, Kristy was told she would never be able to play competitive sports again.  Her determination and the support of her family led her to overcome the odds and compete at the highest level in professional golf.

Having fought the battle with her disease since she was a child, Kristy has a special place in her heart for the estimated 300,000 children afflicted with juvenile arthritis.  “It’s not just an old person’s disease,” she says. “These kids inspire me so I hope that, in a small way, I might inspire some of them too.  You can beat this; don’t let it beat you and keep focused on your dreams.”

One special friend of Kristy’s is 7 year-old Bailey of Fultondale, Alabama, who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 2.  Last year while playing a tournament in Mobile, Bailey’s family drove five hours to meet Kristy, who spent the day with Bailey.  “I miss my little buddy, Bailey,” Kristy tweeted last week at the same tournament in Mobile.  Bailey will never forget her day.  “She gave my little girl hope,” said Kim, Bailey’s mom.

Every day, Kristy does what it takes to fight through the stiffness and pain. “I beat the odds, but not everyone does.  The autoimmune forms of arthritis are devastating, causing disability and even death.  I want to make every American aware of how these diseases affect whole families and that cures will only be found through research,” says Kristy.

View Kristy’s juvenile arthritis awareness video below and hear her inspirational story.

To join the team in the fight against arthritis, make a donation and make a difference! At the Arthritis National Research Foundation your help makes it possible to further arthritis research and a cure. Join us today!