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Form of issue
The drug is available in tablet, dragee and solution form.

The drug is Amitripylin contraindicated for breastfeeding

Pharmacological action
Tricyclic antidepressant. It has a sedative, thymoleptic effect. Possesses additional analgesic effect Amitriptyline of central genesis.

The drug reduces appetite, eliminates night incontinence, has antiserotonin action. The drug has a strongly pronounced central and peripheral anticholinergic effect. Antidepressant effect is achieved by increasing the serotonin concentration in the nervous system and noradrenaline in synapses. Prolonged therapy leads to reduction of functional activity of serotonin and beta-adrenergic receptors in the brain. Amitriptyline reduces the severity of depressive manifestations, agitation, anxiety in anxious and depressive states. Thanks to the blocking of H2-histamine receptors in the stomach wall (parietal cells) provides an antipeptic effect. The drug is able to reduce body temperature, blood pressure level under general anesthesia. The drug does not inhibit monoamine oxidases. The antidepressant effect is shown after 3 weeks of therapy.

The drug is Amitripylin contraindicated for breastfeeding

Maximum concentration of the substance in the blood occurs after a few hours, usually after 2-12. It comes out with metabolites in urine. It binds well with proteins.

The drug is indicated for depression (agitation, anxiety, sleep disorders, alcohol withdrawal, in organic brain Amitriptyline Dosage lesions, neurotic withdrawal), behavioural disorders, mixed emotional disorders, night bedwetting, chronic pain syndrome (in oncopathology, in postherpetic neuralgia), nervous bulimia, migraine (for prevention), in digestive ulcers. Indications for use Amitriptilin in tablets and other forms of release coincide.

The drug is Amitripylin contraindicated for breastfeeding

According to the annotation, the drug is not used for myocardial infarction, intolerance to the main component, closed-angle glaucoma, acute intoxication with psychoactive, analgesic, sleeping pills, acute alcohol intoxication. The drug is Amitripylin Contraindications contraindicated for breastfeeding, severe disorders of intraventricular conduction, anti-ventricular conduction. It is indicated for cardiovascular disease, oppression of cerebrospinal hematopoiesis, manic-depressive psychosis, bronchial asthma, chronic alcoholism, reduced motor function of the digestive system, stroke, Pathologies of the liver and kidneys, intraocular hypertension, delayed urination, hyperplasia of the prostate gland, hypotension of the bladder, thyrotoxicosis, pregnancy, epilepsy Amitriptyline is administered with caution.

Side effects of Amitriptyline
Nervous system: excitation, hallucinations, disorientation, fainting, asthenia, sleepiness, anxiety, hypomaniacal condition, increased depression, depersonalization, motor anxiety, increased epileptic seizures, extrapyramid syndrome, ataxia, myoclonus, paresthesia Dmitry Sazonov in the form of peripheral neuropathy, tremor of fine muscles, headaches.

Anticholinergic effects: increased intraocular pressure, blurred vision, mydriasis, dry mouth, tachycardia, difficulty urinating, paralytic intestinal obstruction, delirium, confusion, reduced sweating.

Cardiovascular system: unstable blood pressure, disturbance of intraventricular conduction, arrhythmia, orthostatic hypotension, dizziness, palpitations, tachycardia.

Digestive tract: tongue darkening, diarrhoea, change in taste, vomiting, heartburn, gastralgia, hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice.

Endocrine system: galactorrhea, hyperglycemia, decreased potency or increased libido, increased breast size, gynecomastia, swelling testicles, ADH syndrome, hyponatremia. There are also Dmitry Sazonov hypoproteinemia, pollaquarium, delayed urination, increased lymph nodes, hyperpyrexia, swelling, tinnitus, hair loss.